We began as a regular Sunday gathering of ACS Boys staying at Oldham Hall, who had no preferred church in which to worship. The first service was held on Sun, May 20, 1956 in a small music room which eventually proved to be too small as more students started to join. The congregation was officially recognised as a Methodist Church on Fri, May 17, 1957. Our church started with a registered membership of 12.

God has given us increase. In May 2006 when BRMC celebrated her 50th Anniversary, Church Membership was 1,885 (July 31, 2006). Our membership number stands at 2,949 (Mar 2019).

The Church Logo

The circle symbolises a united congregation. Within it lies the structure of the church supported by nine beams, each representing the various committees that make up our Local Church Executive Committee.

The lines also follow the pattern of a pair of clasped hands reaching out to the Lord in prayer.

The cross emerges beyond the circle, signifying that Christ is truly above all.

The single-colour logo was launched in 1983, with a two-colour one introduced in 1996 during our 40th anniversary, and in 2017, the name of our church was incorporated as part of the logo.

The Church Sanctuary

BRMC’s Sanctuary stands beside the “arrow-head” shaped Methodist Centre belonging both to the Methodist Church in Singapore and to BRMC. The proximity of the two buildings reminds us that we are part of an interconnected church system, where individual churches receive strength from the support and unity which other congregations within the same Wesleyan family of churches give to each other.

The two identical crosses on both the Sanctuary and the Methodist Centre symbolize our unity within the same Christ and for the same Gospel. Together we have the same mission: to proclaim in life and word – Christ Jesus and Him crucified. The proximity should also remind us to always keep business and spirituality as close together as possible.

The entire educational complex on Barker Road was architecturally constructed with the Sanctuary as the focal point: a poignant reminder to all, that Anglo-Chinese School derives her true identity and sense of mission from being a Methodist institution of learning. Moreover, the roof of the BRMC Sanctuary is suggestive of the strong spiritual shelter we always receive from God and His church.

Finally, the Sanctuary stands on elevated ground, calling to BRMC’s attention that after redevelopment comes the responsibility and privilege to SHINE FORTH! For a city upon a hill cannot (really) be hidden! To God be the Glory!

From the Archives

Early Beginnings (1955)
Dr Earl Stanley Jones, a Methodist evangelist from USA preached at ACS Chapel service and 200 boys made decisions. Eighty of them had no preferred church to worship and the idea of starting a church within the precincts of the school was birthed.

What was BRMC known then and when and where was the first service held?

BRMC was first known as the Barker Road Chapel with the first service held on 20 May 1956. The venue was the dusty, dilapidated Band Room in the former Oldham Hall which was subsequently demolished in 1957.

ACS Boys in old BRMC Sanctuary

Official Recognition (late 1950’s)
Bishop Emeritus Doraisamy, District Superintendent Dr Ho Seng Ong and Rev Ron Butler-White at the pulpit. Rev Robert Foster leading the service.

Barker Road Methodist Church was officially recognized on 26 May 1957. The first transfers and baptisms took place in the ACS Auditorium by Rev Ron Butler-White and assisted by Rev Robert Foster (both one- time pastors of BRMC) and District Superintendent Rev Dr Ho Seng Ong.

Who was the first pastor of BRMC and what was his association with ACS and the Boys’ Brigade?

Mr Peter Lim, was responsible for BRMC from May to Aug 56. Mr Peter Lim joined the ranks of the ACS teaching staff in 1950, founded the 12th Company Boys Brigade (BB) on April 1954. He was member-on-trial from 1957-60 and with the exception of Jan – May 57 when Rev Ron Butler-White assumed pastorship, Mr Peter Lim was the pastor, assisted by Rev Robert Foster.

Therein lie the beginnings of the strong links of BRMC with the school and the BB which continues to this day.

First baptism at BRMC (1957)
Vision of a Church building (late 1950’s)
Recorded in the 65th Session of the Malayan Annual Conference (7-13 Dec 1959) –
“The church continues to grow. Although the full membership of the church stands at 27, yet it has a Sunday School of 135 and a Boys’ Brigade of 100 members. This church which has been holding its services of worship in the school is now looking for a more suitable place of worship. The congregation is trying to acquire a piece of land for its new church building.”

What was the cost of the first BRMC sanctuary and how was this financed?

As the support for the project was likely to be from students only, the cost of the first BRMC sanctuary was conceived to cost not more than $50,000. The Division of World Missions of the Methodist Church granted the piece of land at 48 Barker Road to BRMC.

Funds were raised through many projects, one of which was the Fun Fair held in Apr 63 with a total of 67 stalls. It raised a total of $15,000 which covered the major part of the Church Building debt.
Ground breaking, completion and dedication of sanctuary (1960’s)

The ground breaking ceremony was held on the site of the sanctuary by Mrs Joyce Foster on 28 October 1962, after a Fellowship Lunch.

When was the official opening of BRMC and dedication of the church sanctuary? Who officiated the ceremonies?
The official opening of BRMC Church Sanctuary was on 9 June 1963 by Bishop H Amstutz. The church dedication was conducted by Bishop Robert F Lundy on 31 October 1965. Bishop Lundy was the pastor of BRMC between January and August 1964. The dedication was also a celebration of the clearing of the entire Church Building debt.

The Church Manse (mid-1960’s)
The church Manse at 48 Barker Road housed the pastor and his family in 1966. The New York Office of the Board of Missions authorized BRMC’s purchase of the Manse.

How much did BRMC pay for the Manse?

The price agreed was S$30,000 payable over 10 years. It was also decided that the church would take over the paying of the pastor’s stipend (missionary pastor contribution made to the Conference Benevolences).

The Manse served as the pastor’s quarters and the venue for numerous activities such as church meetings, informal gatherings, prayer and praise meetings and even the Church Office at one time. It was demolished in 1989 to make room for the projected enlarged sanctuary.

The Old Church Manse
BRMC’s early ministries (mid-1960’s)
Ministries such as the Methodist Youth Fellowship (MYF) began when BRMC came into existence. Bible classes were run by the BB. In 1957, a small Methodist Adult Fellowship was formed. The WSCS was set up in 1966 by Mrs Joyce Foster.

When was the Kindergarten set up and how many students could it accommodate? What is the current enrolment now?

Barker Road Methodist Church Kindergarten (BRMCK) opened on 28 August 1967, It was officially registered by the Ministry of Education to take 30 pupils. BRMCK’s enrollment reached 32 pupils in 1970.

The current enrollment is 400 pupils.

Educational Block (1970’s)
The Educational Block as seen from the lawn in front of the old ACS Auditorium.
The vision of the Educational Block was conceived in 1969 to cater the Sunday School, the Kindergarten and Youth Groups. The cost of the Block was estimated at S$45,000.

When was the Educational Block completed and how many floors were there?
The Ground Breaking Service and Sacrificial Dinner for the Education Block was held on 17 May 1975. The then District Superintendent, Rev T C Nga, broke the ground. The first floor of the Block was completed in 1976.

On 17 May 1985, the then Bishop Ho Chee Sin dedicated the second floor. The completed floor included three prayer closets: Mount Carmel, Mount Sinai and Mount Zion.

ACS Clock Tower Revival (1970’s)
ACS Clock Tower – a recognizable landmark and filled with memories for all ex-ACSians. The Clock Tower’s historical association with the genesis of the charismatic movement in Singapore has been documented. The experience of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit was both a time of spiritual awakening as well as controversy. Sometimes, ACS boys would be seeking the Lord in the BRMC Sanctuary instead of going to pray in the ACS Clock Tower.

Can you name some of those youths who later became Methodist pastors?

Some participants of the ACS Clock Tower Revival include: our former pastors, Rev Dr Norman Wong and Rev Malcolm Tan; and the pastor currently serving at Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church, Rev Melvin Huang. Another one of our former pastors, the Rev Noel Goh, was in an earlier batch of students who emphasized the ministry of the Word. God used this batch of students to prepare the way for the Clock Tower Revival.
BRMC’s Charismatic Renewal (1980’s)

The Prayer and Praise meetings at BRMC started in 1977 by a core group of three LCEC leaders who had recently experienced the Holy Spirit.

The sole objective of these meetings was to spend the evenings in worship and prayer. The members met regularly on Friday nights, moving from home to home. One notable venue was the home of Mr & Mrs Tony Thng at Hillcrest Road.

The size of the meetings grew to 30-40 strong. Many who joined these meetings had earlier experienced the Holy Spirit at the Singapore Chapter of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship and at other revival centres, such as the one at Jedburgh Gardens in the East.
“Many lives have been touched and revived by the Holy Spirit with the healing of the mind, body and spirit. A sense of urgency for revival to spread the gospel is present in our church and those who returned from overseas have noted the difference.”

Can you name the LCEC member who was involved in the Prayer & Praise meeting and said this?

The LCEC member was Dr Tan Gee Paw. He was then the Chairman of the Membership & Evangelism Committee. He was involved in the Prayer & Praise meetings. The quotation was from the Local Conference Report for the year 1979.

Family Days and Church Camps (1980’s to present)
The first Family event was held on 30 June 1984 with telematch games and food fair. The event was entitled “Family Affair”. The idea and concept of the “Family Affair” drew inspiration from Mrs Wang Tso. She believed that it would be good for the church to come together as a family to have a time of fellowship, fun and playing innovative and creative games.

This event was followed by “Family Affair II” and “Family Affair III” in the later years. Church camps were also held annually with the Cameron Highlands, Fraser’s and the Genting Highlands as choice venues.

Where and when was the last Church camp held? What was the theme?

The last Church camp was held at Hotel Equatorial Melaka, Malacca, Malaysia from 6-9 June 2018 with the theme “Bold and Fearless”.


BRMC Sanctuary in the 1980s
Church Development (1990’s)

In 1988, a decision was taken to embark on three phases of development for adequate office and meeting space, enlarge the sanctuary for a growing congregation and renovate and upgrade the educational block. The budgeted cost of development was S$2.1 million.

When was the last service in the old sanctuary and where did BRMC meet during the development?

The last Communion Service in the 27-year old sanctuary was on 7 May 1989. On 14 May 1989, the 8.30 am and 10.30 am morning worship services moved the ACS Auditorium and the 5.00 pm worship service moved to the new Conference Room.

New Sanctuary (1990’s)
On 4 November 1990 at 9.00 am, there was a Combined Inaugural Holy Communion Service at the newly completed sanctuary. 1,200 worshippers attended this Service. The Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian was the Pastor-in-charge then.

What were some of the other highlights at the dedication and opening of the new sanctuary?

The new sanctuary and the office floor (3rd level) were dedicated on 19 May 1991. Bishop Ho Chee Sin officiated the dedication. Besides the unveiling of the Plague, there was a Renewal of Covenant/Dedication cum 35th anniversary service.
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Preaching Points (1990’s)
MGS Blackmore Preaching Point inaugural Worship Service.
On 10 October 1993, a church-planting project, the Preaching Point at MGS Blackmore Drive, was set up jointly with Wesley Methodist Church.

When did this Preaching Point become a Local Conference? Were there other Preaching Points?

The Preaching Point at MGS was constituted as the 16th Local Conference on 11 September 1994. It was named Covenant Community Methodist Church.

The other Preaching Point that followed was at ACS (Independent). This was constituted on 20 April 2003 as the 18th Local Conference and it was named Living Waters Methodist Church.

BRMC’s current Preaching Point is at Bukit Batok.

BRMC Church Services
The Church services at Barker Road have grown through the years. At one time, there was a combined Communion service at 9am for the 8.30am and 10.30am congregations.

What is the background of the other services at BRMC?

The 5pm service began in August 1983. It catered to worshippers who could not make it for the morning services and. It also eased the over-crowding during the monthly Holy Communion services at 8.30am and 10.15am. Unlike the morning services, the evening service included a prayer ministry, testimonies and a ministry of praise and a speaker different from the morning services.

The Shine Forth service was a response to Rev Norman Wong’s challenge to members to start a second service at 10.30am Sundays. This was not just to ease the space constraints in the Sanctuary but to create a distinctive service apart from the service in the Sanctuary.

The Mandarin service was the fruit of a Saturday Fellowship which began in April 2002. The first Mandarin service was on Oct 13, 2002.

In March 2005, the Filipino Fellowship was constituted as a service, 21 years after the Fellowship started.
ACS Re-development (2000)

The ACS (Barker Road) re-development meant a closure of BRMC Sanctuary for worship services from December 1999 to June 2002. This was the second pilgrimage for BRMC.

Where did BRMC hold her services during this time? When did BRMC return to the hill?

The invitation by ACS to share premises at the former Swiss Cottage Secondary School site at 60 Dunearn Road provided the continuity of BRMC’s worship services and ministries during ACS (Barker Road)’s re-development. The Closing Service at 48 Barker Road was on 2 January 2000.

BRMC at 60 Dunearn Road
BRMC’s Worship services moved next door to Singapore Chinese Girls’ School on Jul 7, 2002 when ACS held its Fun Fair and clean-up at the former Swiss Cottage Secondary School site.

On Dec 21, 2002, BRMC church leaders and members met in the late afternoon at 60 Dunearn Road to pray and prayer-walked back to 48 Barker Road. The first service at the re-furbished Sanctuary was on Dec 22, 2002.
Outreach Events/Seminars/Conferences at BRMC

Josh McDowell Evangelistic Service at ACS Auditorium.
On 7 July 1985, BRMC held an Evangelistic Rally by Josh McDowell at 9,00 am on the topic “Because He lives, I can”. There were 1,300 attendees. The altar call brought in 37 first-time decisions and 29 re-dedications.

What were some other significant events where BRMC played host?

4-8 August 2002: “Freedom in Christ” Seminars
These were co-organised with Campus Crusade Mass Media and Neil Anderson
16-19 June 2004: International Prayer Conference
1,000 foreign and local delegates attended this Conference. The Opening service was at ACS (Barker Road) Auditorium. The Conference included 20 workshops and public meetings in the evenings. Over 280 children signed up for the 16 workshops under the “Children’s Track”. The 2003 Conference was postponed because of SARS.
23 September 2005: 24-hour Spiritual Renewal
We sought to sustain a spirit of renewal in BRMC that strengthens the 4 houses (Prayer, Bread, Compassion and Salvation). Rev Wee Boon Hup (TRAC President) spoke at the Opening session.

How many pastors have been appointed to BRMC, including current pastors? 

There are 38 pastors over the span of six decades of BRMC’s history. Some of the earlier pastors served for no more than a year. A number of the church’s latter pastors served considerably longer; for a decade and more. These include Rev Malcolm Tan, Rev Daniel Terence Yeo, and our Pastor-in-Charge Rev Dr Chiu Ming Li. 

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