Employment Opportunities

We have an opening for an Administrative Officer (Missions)



The BRMC Missions team is looking for a dedicated, meticulous and socially-savvy administrative officer to support the team in their missions outreach.

Job Description

1. Missions Committee Secretary

  • Preparation of Meeting Agenda
  • Updating Matters Arising List
  • Recording and dissemination of Meeting Minutes
  • Booking of Conference Room
  • Coordination of Missions Committee Meeting dates
  • Administrator of Missions Committee ‘Live’ Calendar
  • Archiving of Mission Committee Minutes
  • Maintenance and updating of Mission Committee personal particulars
  • Assist Mission Committee members in preparation of Items for LCEC meetings.

2. Missionary Matters

  • Provide administrative support to Missionary applicants including Application Process.
  • Prepare draft MOU and letter of offer
  • Dissemination of Quarterly updates to Missions Committee
  • Coordinate BRMC Missionaries home visits’ schedule.

3. BMT/Mission Seminars

  • Design and coordinate with the PTS (Coms & Media) for the publicity of mission seminars
  • Put up publicity on relevant platforms including Missions FB
  • In charge of Registration of seminars prior and on days of seminar
  • Booking of rooms for seminar
  • Coordination with speakers on their requirements
  • Preparation of seminar notes

4. Child Sponsorship ProgramMESs (eg, Shalom Foundation)

  • Liaison between the Organisation from which the sponsored children are from and missions committee
  • Publicity of Sponsorship Programs
  • Collection and distribution of Sponsorship
  • Tracking of sponsorship collection
  • Maintenance and updating of database of sponsors and sponsored children

5. Mission Publicity

  • Administrator for Missions FB
  • Responsibility for populating mission activities on Missions FB and submission of items for BRMC website
  • Assist Mission Teams to publise their mission trips in church bulletins and announcements

6. Livelihood Programs

  • Provide administrative support for Missions livelihood programs

7. Missions Policy (MP) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manuals

  • Responsible for updating of MP and SOP Manuals
  • Secretary for MP and/or SOP meetings

8. Mission Trips

  • Liaison between County Committees and Travel Agent on all travel arrangements for mission trips
  • Ensure that all mission teams carry out the following:
    • i. Submit their personal particulars to Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • ii. Submit their particulars to Church Office
    • iii. Book date for Team Commissioning
  • Issue out first aid kid to mission teams
  • Coordinate and Book all accommodation and travel arrangements for Missions Office members travel

9. Mission Sundays

  • Coordinate all publicity
  • Coordinate the various mission booths and logistics required

10. Missions Seminars and Conferences

  • Coordinate all bookings of seminar/conference facilities, administrative and logistics support for seminars and conferences
  • Coordinate all registration
  • Coordinate all hospitality requirements

11. Missions Finance Matters

  • Assist the Country Chairs in preparation and checking of PVs for claims
  • Assist the Missions Chair in preparation of Supplementary and Virements requests
  • Assist the Treasuer in the compliation of the Missions Budget for each FY
  • Work with BRMC Finance Office in matters relating to Missions Finance


  • O-Levels or Diploma and above


  • Good communication skills
  • Good people skills and organizational skills
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
  • Can-do attitude to do anything, from low-level tasks to writing meeting minutes, ie, multi-tasking skills
  • Pro-active, helpful, patient and resilient
  • Basic knowledge of MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint




For positions at BRMC, email your detailed CV with current and expected salaries to hr@brmc.org.sg, or mail your details to the HR Manager at Barker Road Methodist Church, 48 Barker Road, Singapore 309917