Status up till end-Dec 2017

Starting Mon, Nov 20, 2017

  • Complete closure of L1 and L2 (BRMCK) for refitting
  • Shutdown of air conditioning system at all six levels of the right wing. The L4 church office and Wesley Hall are in the right wing
  • Installing solar film at windows of L4 church office
  • Running of temporary ventilation system for L4 church office and Wesley Hall
  • Cordoning off of one lift
  • Closure of L4 ladies’ toilet for the whole of December 2017
  • Reservation of L4 gents’ toilet exclusively for women for the whole of December 2017. Gents’ toilets are available at L3, L5 and L6

Alternative venues-171114

Ministry Day Time Temporary venue Details
Church School Sundays 8-10.30am Meeting Room 2 | L2 church office,ACS (BR) S2-09 Learning Centre,ACS (P) 3A:P3-07 Learning Centre,ACS (P) 5A:P5-07 Learning Centre,ACS Drama Theatre 8.30am Church School
Church School Sundays 10.30am-12.30pm Meeting Room 2 | L2 church office,ACS (BR) S2-09 Learning Centre,ACS (P) 3A:P3-07 Learning Centre,ACS (P) 5A:P5-07 Learning Centre,ACS Drama Theatre 10.30am Church School
Church School Sundays 5-6.30pm Training Room & Meeting Room 2 | L2 church office 5pm Church School
Creative Arts Tuedays 8-10pm ACS Music Studio Scripture in Dance
GYM Sundays 10am-noon ACS Music Studio GYM Bible Study
GYM Sundays Noon-1.30pm ACS Music Studio GYM Mellow Tones
Shine Forth Saturdays 3-6pm ACS Concert Hall Band practice
Small Group Tuedays 7.30-10.30pm Prayer Room 1 Richard Khoo SG
W&E Saturdays 1.15-3.30pm Oldham Hall Chapel Alpha Joy
W&E Saturdays 2.30-5pm Meeting Room 2 | L2 church office When Loves Speak
Worship & Music Wednesdays 8-10.30pm Training Room & Meeting Room 2 | L2 church office 8.30am Choir
Worship & Music Thursdays 8-10.30pm Training Room & Meeting Room 2 | L2 church office 8.30am Choir
Worship & Music Sundays 9.15-10.15am Training Room | L2 church office 8.30am Choir warm-up
Youth Fridays 7-10.30pm Wesley Hall, Training Room & Meeting Room 2 | L2 church office, Conference Room & Meeting Room 1 | MC L4, Prayer Room 1 and Prayer Room 2 Friday cell group meeting


Update on Church School Relocation-171114




Care of Church Venues

Important Notice about Food and Drinks Consumption in Church Venues

Please clean up after use. Throw rubbish into the designated bins or garbage bags. Consider the next user especially on weekends as our cleaners only work Mon-Sat 8am to 4pm

Level 2 Church office Meeting Rooms and Conference Room

  • No food is allowed in these rooms as they are in an enclosed area. Food smells will linger as there are no windows for venting them
  • Food may only be consumed outside the office at the staircase entrance.
  • Only drinks may be consumed within the rooms

Level 4 Church office Meeting Rooms and Conference Room

  • No food or refreshments are allowed in these rooms as the floor is carpeted
  • Only water can be consumed in these rooms

Conference Rooms and BRMCK rooms
(Levels 1 & 2, Methodist/kindergarten block)

  • No food or refreshments are allowed in these rooms as the floor is carpeted
  • Food and drinks may only be consumed outside the rooms

Wesley Hall (Level 3U)

  • Food and drinks may be consumed at this venue
  • Catered warm food trays with burners must be placed in the hallway outside the pantry and not in the main hall

Main Sanctuary (including the cry room)

  • Absolutely no food or drinks allowed

Pledge Offerings and Gifts

Thank you for giving.

For your convenience, the Church provides an online option, via a transfer between your bank account and that of the Church, for your pledge offerings and gifts. [OPTIONAL: A fillable PDF of the pledge commitment form can be downloaded HERE. Email your completed, saved PDF form to]



Please add BRMC as a recipient for fund transfer using BRMC’s bank account details.

DBS Bank Account 0039428820
Bank Code 7171
Branch Code 003


Whenever you make a pledge offering via transfer, please indicate the following in your bank’s online transfer form:

Initials field Your NRIC
(FIN or Work Permit Number for non-Singaporeans)
Comments field, where available Your NAME


We are unable to process the bank transfer without your NRIC, FIN or
Work Permit Number.

Please see the sample below.





Besides providing the above, please also send an email to with the following information:

1.  Name of donor
2.  Name of person making the transfer [provide this only if you are making the transfer on behalf of a donor]
3.  NRIC/FIN/Work Permit Number of donor
4.  Amount in Singapore dollars
5.  Contact number
6.  Purpose of Offering or Donation, eg, General, Missions, Social Concerns, Thanksgiving, or tell us what your gift is for if it’s not one of the these

We are unable to process the bank transfer without the details of your offerings or donations.

About service bulletin QR codes

Point a QR code app on your smartphone or tablet at the QR code posted at your worship venue – it would look like the poster below – and the bulletin for that service will be downloaded to your device.

QR poster for all bulletins-640


Bulletin QR Code FAQ

1. What is a QR code?

Think of it as a smart shortcut to a place online, eg, a page on our church website, or, a PDF stored there. 

2. How do I use a QR code?

Download an app for it on your phone or tablet. Fire up the app and point your device camera at the QR code. That’s it. The app will automatically work the moment it reads the QR code, and will start downloading the bulletin to your device on its own.

3. Are all the bulletin QR codes the same?

They are all different. Each QR code is designed to automatically download the bulletin for the service for that day at the worship venue you are at.
But the QR code printed in your bulletin is special – it leads to a page on our church website where all the bulletins available online are stored.

4. Why is the text in the bulletin PDF small?

It’s pretty much what you have in the printed version. The digital version works better on phones with large screens, or tablets. We are working on better legibility. Stay tuned.

5. Why doesn’t the bulletin download and display automatically on my phone?

You may be using an Android device, and some models are designed to work that way for higher security. Ask a more IT-savvy person for help. Usually a few more steps are involved. Learn those steps, and you are all set. 

* * * P O W E R   T I P * * * 

6. Is the QR code method the only way to download a digital bulletin?

No, you can get bulletins directly from our church website. Get the bulletin you want in the BULLETINS section under the RESOURCES tab. Or, just click here.

Lost & Found

Please email 6256 4298, or come to the information counter at our Level 4 office (Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm) for any lost and found related queries.

Items at hand: a tablet PC and a cross (Aug 21, 2017)

Barker Road Methodist Church Lost & Found Policy

Any visitor, friend or member of Barker Road Methodist Church (“BRMC”) may deliver any found items which are believed to have been lost, or report the loss of belongings, to the Level 4 BRMC Church office at the Methodist Centre, 48 Barker Road, Singapore 309917.

Reasonable efforts will be made to assist in the recovery of any reported lost item. However, BRMC will not be responsible for the loss of, or damage caused to, any belongings or items.

Generally, lost and found items will be kept for a period of six (6) months after which, if left unclaimed, BRMC may at their sole discretion donate, retain, realize or dispose of the items as they deem fit. However, BRMC may at any time take such action before the expiry of this period, if BRMC in their sole discretion consider the keeping of any items to be impractical or inconvenient e.g. goods which are perishable or bulky and cause obstruction.

All queries relating to the loss of belongings should therefore be made immediately to facilitate recovery.



By participating, including signing up for and providing personal information, in the worship services or activities of Barker Road Methodist Church and her Ministries, you consent to Barker Road Methodist Church collecting, using, disclosing and sharing amongst the relevant Ministries your personal data, for the purpose of organising and planning of activities, as well as communication of events, programmes and church matters. Barker Road Methodist Church respects personal data and confidentiality, and will not share such information with any third party unless authorised to do so. Should you wish to withdraw or limit your consent, please write with full particulars to our Data Protection Compliance Officer at the following address:

Barker Road Methodist Church
48 Barker Road,
Singapore 309917

NCCS Statement On Pink Dot

25 June 2014


Dear Members

The current discourse on LGBT prompted by the intention of the LGBT community to hold a Pink Dot picnic on 28 June 2014 has generated strong reactions among Singaporeans, including Christians.

In the interest of clearing up the matter concerning human sexuality for members of the Christian public who may be confused, the NCCS would like to reiterate the Christian view that homosexual or bi-sexual practices are contrary to the teaching of the Bible. The Council holds that the only sexual relationship sanctioned by God and given as a gift from God is that between a male and a female within the bounds of a monogamous marriage.

The Council also wishes to state that while it does not condone homosexual or bi-sexual practices, it also does not condemn those who are struggling with their gender identity and sexual orientation.

The Council therefore urges members of the Christian community to always act with grace and restraint should they engage with the LGBT community over the coming event.

Issued by

REVD DR WEE BOON HUP                                    LIM K THAM
President                                                                    General Secretary

Click here to download the letter in PDF