MCYC is now Epworth Community Services!



Our history

Our organisation was formerly known as the Methodist Children and Youth Centre, which was instituted in late-2001. It was, then, a joint project of Barker Road Methodist Church and the Methodist Welfare Services. The formation of the new entity was the result of significant growth in our programmes and services. It remains affiliated to Barker Road Methodist Church.

It was then renamed as the MCYC Community Services Society. From September 2018, our new name is Epworth Community Services. The new name reflects the organisation’s Methodist origin as Epworth is the birthplace of John Wesley, the founder of Methodism. The colours of its logo are the same as that of The Methodist Church in Singapore. The light from the cross radiates to form a star within the letter ‘O’ of the name Epworth. While the cross represents our faith, the symbol of the star represents a light in the night sky that guides children, youths and families through challenges in their journey of life. The font is customised to represent a modern, professional organisation, while giving emphasis to the star logomark – the anchor to the logo’s meaning. The red and blue tone provides a distinct and bold contrast, representing stability and warmth – similar to the mission of Epworth Community Services. The yellow is used on the star logomark, signifying the guiding light that Epworth provides.

As we reach our 10th year of independent operation, we celebrate our organisation’s significant growth over the last decade. We see this milestone as a wonderful opportunity to rebrand our organisation to better define our work. The achievements and good work of MCYC Community Services Society will continue under a refreshing new name – “Epworth Community Services”. Being an organisation with Methodist roots and focusing on children and youth issues, Epworth seems an appropriate name for us. Epworth is a village in Lincolnshire, North-East England. This was where John and Charles Wesley were born. The house where they were born in and spent their childhood years, the Old Rectory, still stands today. It was here that the siblings were nurtured under the loving care of their parents, Susanna and Samuel Wesley. There, they received their foundation in education and spiritual formation.

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