Reaching out with the Love of Christ.

BRMC strives to obey the Great Commission by reaching out with the Gospel of Salvation to these seven countries: Cambodia, East Asia, North & South India, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and Nepal.

We have traditionally associated “Missions” with “full-time missionary service”. But at BRMC, Missions also encompasses a broader spectrum of activities which includes:

  • Praying for missionaries and missions endeavours
  • Mobilizing and organizing people and resources for missions
  • Giving financially to mission endeavours
  • Supporting and encouraging the missionaries and local church leaders in the mission fields
  • Participating in short-term missions trips (not more than 2 weeks)
  • Serving as a missions intern in the mission field (between 2 months to a year)
  • Serving as a missionary in the missions fields
  • Serving as a “Tent-maker” where one lives in a foreign country while being engaged in secular work with the primary objective of mission work.

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Testimonies from the mission fields-updated

Hear the testimonies of


who has served more than two decades in East Asia, and Chin Yee who is called to India


Lincoln & Charmaine in Japan, and Wyman & Alfrin in New Zealand

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Hear the testimony of

Testimony – Leong Chin Yee

Testimonies – Wyman & Alfrin in New Zealand

Testimonies – Lincoln & Charmaine in Japan