Reaching out with the Love of Christ.

BRMC strives to obey the Great Commission by reaching out with the Gospel of Salvation to these seven countries: Cambodia, East Asia, North & South India, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and Nepal.

We have traditionally associated “Missions” with “full-time missionary service”. But at BRMC, Missions also encompasses a broader spectrum of activities which includes:

  • Praying for missionaries and missions endeavours
  • Mobilizing and organizing people and resources for missions
  • Giving financially to mission endeavours
  • Supporting and encouraging the missionaries and local church leaders in the mission fields
  • Participating in short-term missions trips (not more than 2 weeks)
  • Serving as a missions intern in the mission field (between 2 months to a year)
  • Serving as a missionary in the missions fields
  • Serving as a “Tent-maker” where one lives in a foreign country while being engaged in secular work with the primary objective of mission work.

Key contacts

Chairperson/Missions Committee

PTS (Missions IC)
9818 4911


Bintan Medical Missions Trip-FULLY BOOKED

Each follower of Christ is called to share the Good News with his neighbours, colleagues and friends – and even some are called to Cambodia.  We are sounding the ‘shofar’ for Christians and Christian Doctors to join us, on a short medical mission trip, from 11th Dec 2018 to 16th Dec 2018 to Phnom Penh. Cambodia.  The focus of the Cambodian Dec 2018 medical mission, in addition to assisting in basic primary healthcare, is to dispense dosages of GOD daily and apply the Holy Spirit unceasingly…with prayer and love.   

Join us, as we provide evangelical love and medical care, to our brethren in Cambodia.

Register online at tinyurl.com/BRMCtrips

Special Edition UAB on Missions

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Missions video 180318

Youth Missions (Chiang Mai 2018)

Pick up your copy of a special 6-page Missions Focus edition of ​our Uphill and Beyond magazine. Download a digital copy (which has single pages and the print copy layout) by clicking on the image below


Testimonies from the mission fields-updated

Hear the testimonies of


who has served more than two decades in East Asia, and Chin Yee who is called to India


Lincoln & Charmaine in Japan, and Wyman & Alfrin in New Zealand

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More from Lincoln & Charmaine

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Hear the testimony of

Testimony – Leong Chin Yee

Testimonies – Wyman & Alfrin in New Zealand

Testimonies – Lincoln & Charmaine in Japan