A Christian faith community that integrates ex-offenders, their families and friends to become a living witness and outreach for Jesus Christ.


To build a Christian community that is based on Thru-Care, a continuation of ministry from prison in-care to after-care of offenders, ex-offenders and their families and friends.

  • To identify the prayer needs of the inmates, and to facilitate meeting these spiritual needs during Sunday chapel, weekly Bible Study and Counseling during incarceration
  • To identify the needs of the releasees, and to facilitate meeting these needs when they come out of the prisons.
  • To identify the needs of the releasees families and help facilitate their basic needs- housing, work, food, education of children.
  • To help build a self-sufficient aftercare community that is enabled to look after her own needs and active in Christian discipleship and outreach primarily to this people-group.
  • To create a Thru-Care ministry that identifies Christian inmates due to be released, building bridges for re-entry into Church and society, family and relatives

Programs and activities planned to attain ministry aims and objectives

  • Christmas Caroling and Outreach program to inmates and their families Easter Outreach Program to inmates and their families Visitation of family members. of Christian inmates during Christmas, Chinese New Year and Easter
  • Fortnightly Bible Study and Worship sessions in town near MRT for ex-offenders and volunteers

How could BRMC members contribute to the development of Thru-Care Ministry?

  • By helping to build an outreach Christian faith community of exoffenders, their families and friends.
  • By highlighting to BRMC members that crime is not a sin of the poor and uneducated but a sin of the misguided


  • Thru-Care volunteers’ minister to prisoners through regular prison visits, chapel services and Bible studies
  • We network with Prison Fellowship Singapore & others for the rehabilitation & Christ-centered transformation of prisoners, discharged prisoners & their families through various types of counseling services