• Development of community life at BRMC for all age groups, including intergenerational groups, through Bible study, fellowship, prayer support and service to the community
  • Meeting at various locations and various times of the week to encourage each other


The Ministry

BRMC has 57 Small Groups that meet regularly for worship, prayer and the study of God’s Word along with deep and enjoyable fellowship. These groups provide an environment where real life is shared while providing and receiving care and encouragement for each other. The small groups also help fellow believers develop spiritual maturity as they engage the Bible with the realities of personal challenges and struggles.

In response to different needs, we have Youth Sunday School Groups, Young Adults Groups, Mandarin Groups, Inter-Generational Groups and Adult Groups of varying ages. Please contact Charmaine if you have any questions or interest about Small Groups.



BRMC Small Group Online Guide

Click HERE to download a basic guide on how you can run a Small Group gathering on digital platforms such as Zoom or Skype

The BRMC Small Groups Ministry’s Library

The Small Groups Ministry has a collection of more than 300 books and study guides that are helpful for Small Groups seeking resources for study and growth in areas such as:

  • Discipleship
  • Practical issues in Christian Living
  • Prayer
  • Evangelism
  • Studies on Books of the Bible
  • Family Life

The Small Groups Ministry’s library is available below. Tap to see more


You may browse the collection without the need to log in. But you will need an user ID to log in in order to reserve an item. Please click HERE to find out how to browse, borrow, return items from this library.

How to Use the BRMC Small Groups Ministry’s Library

The Small Groups Ministry’s library is available HERE

You may browse the collection without the need to log in. But you will need an user ID to log in in order to reserve an item. Read on
on how to:

  • Log in
  • Check/Update Your Profile
  • Reserve An Item
  • Collect Your Reserved Items
  • Check Your Reservations or Loaned Items
  • Return Items


1. Email to create an account for you.

2. Provide these details in your email:

a. Name
b. Email Address
c. Contact Number

3. Once the account is created, go to and look for the “Patron Login” button

4. On clicking the “Patron Login” button, a login prompt pops up. If this is your first login, click on “Need Password?” to request for a password. Otherwise, key in your login credentials to proceed to login.

5. If you had clicked on “Need Password?”, in the next prompt that pops up, key in the email address that you had provided to

6. A password will be sent to the email address you specified.

7. If you do not receive a password after 10 mins, check with whether your email address was registered.

1. On login, click on “edit profile” to amend your profile, or click on “BRMCSG” to browse the library.

2. If you had clicked on “edit profile”, you will next be shown what you may update.

3. If you had clicked on “BRMCSG”, you will see the home page of the library. The panel on the left will bring you to the various items available in the library, namely Audio CD, Books, CD and Videos.


1. Click on the item that you would like to reserve for borrowing. The click on “Add Hold” to reserve the item for collection from the BRMC Office.

2. You will next see your items reserved at the bottom of the page. If you have reserved all the items that you are looking for, click on “Complete” to submit your reserved items to the BRMC Office.

3. Confirm your reservations by clicking on “Submit”.


The church staff from the Small Groups Ministry will contact you to make arrangements for the collection.

1. Click on “Patron Page” to view your reservations or borrowings.

2. Your items reserved and pending collection, or already borrowed by you will be shown next.


1. During the BRMC church office hours (Mon-Fri, 9 AM – 6 PM), you may return your items to the Reception Counter at the Church Office on Level 4, Methodist Centre (Kindergarten Block).

2. On Sundays, you may return your items to the Small Groups Library Box at the Info Counter outside the Sanctuary from 9.30 AM to 11.30 AM.