Back to Jesus series

The sermons in this series are based chapters of Ed Pousson’s book Back to Jesus, and an accompanying workbook are available for purchase at Armour Publishing

Back to Jesus sermons

Jan 28, 2018 | C3 & C4: The Credentials and Curriculum of Christ | Rev Dr Chiu Ming Li

Feb 4, 2018 | C5: A Manifesto of Jesus’ Teaching | Rev Dr Ed Pousson


Feb 11, 2018 | C6: Initiation: Enrolling in the School of Jesus | Rev Dr Ed Pousson


Feb 18, 2018 | C7: Immersion: Assimilating the Teachings of Jesus | Rev Dr Ed Pousson


Feb 25, 2018 | C8: Induction: On-the-Job Training with Jesus | Rev Dr Ed Pousson


Mar 4, 2018 | C9: Imitation: Becoming Human Like Jesus | Rev Dr Chiu Ming Li


Mar 11, 2018 | C10: Paradigms of Personal Transformation | Rev Benjamin Fong



Materials for children age 4-9 now available!

Back to Jesus

Back to Jesus Celebration Tea

Hear from our Pastor-in-Charge, Rev Dr Chiu Ming Li

Hear from past participants of this programme

Hear from Ps Wendy and Ps Jeremy

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  • Development of community life at BRMC for all age groups, including intergenerational groups, through Bible study, fellowship, prayer support and service to the community
  • Meeting at various locations and various times of the week to encourage each other


The Ministry

BRMC has 57 Small Groups that meet regularly for worship, prayer and the study of God’s Word along with deep and enjoyable fellowship. These groups provide an environment where real life is shared while providing and receiving care and encouragement for each other. The small groups also help fellow believers develop spiritual maturity as they engage the Bible with the realities of personal challenges and struggles.

In response to different needs, we have Youth Sunday School Groups, Young Adults Groups, Mandarin Groups, Inter-Generational Groups and Adult Groups of varying ages. Please contact Charmaine if you have any questions or interest about Small Groups.



Small Groups Conference : Many but One


Is joining SG practical?

What does SG offer?

Is there a real benefit to joining SG?

SG impacts family?

So…how do I join a SG?

Contact Charmaine
| Email | SMS/WhatsApp/Mobile 9223 3012 | 
And we will help connect you to a suitable SG


PTS: Renata Liew @ 9154 5962


PTS: Charmaine Tang @ 9223 3012


  • Training for new SG leaders

  • Nurture workshops for SG leaders

  • Annual Silent Retreat for SG leaders

  • Annual SG Conference for SG members