Date Scripture Reference Sermon Title
Sun, Jul 26Stewardship SundayEcc 11:1-5The Value of Your Life
Sun, Aug 2Pledge Sunday2 Cor 8:4Giving in Grace
Sun, Aug 9National DayJeremiah 29:4-7Seek The Welfare Of The City
Sun, Aug 16Sacraments Series, sermon 1Acts 2:36-47The Meaning of the Sacraments:
A Protestant View
Sun, Aug 23Sacraments Series, sermon 2Gal 3:26-27Baptism: An Initiation to the Body Life and Mission
Sun, Aug 30Sacraments Series, sermon 3Eph 4:4-6Baptism: Mode, Infant and Frequency
Sun, Sep 6Sacraments Series, sermon 4Matt 26:26-30The Lord’s Supper, Eucharist, Holy Communion
Sun, Sep 13Sacraments Series, sermon 51 Cor 11:23-29The Lord’s Supper and the Requirement of Justice
Sun, Sep 20Ephesians Series,
sermon 1
Eph 1Enlightenment
Sun, Sep 27Ephesians Series,
sermon 2
Eph 1:1-14(Chapter 1 - Have We Too Little Ambition For God?)
Sun, Oct 4Ephesians Series,
sermon 3
Eph 1:15-23(Chapter 2 - The Power of the King)
Sun, Oct 11Laity SundayJohn 4:23-24Worship in Spirit and in Truth
Sun, Oct 18Ephesians Series,
sermon 4
Eph 2:1-10(Chapter 3 - Life After Death)
Sun, Oct 25Ephesians Series,
sermon 5
Eph 2:11-22(Chapter 4 - Welcome to the Family)
Sun, Nov 1Ephesians Series,
sermon 6
Eph 3:1-13(Chapter 5 - God’s Secret Plan Revealed)
Sun, Nov 8Conference Sunday
Sun, Nov 15Ephesians Series,
sermon 7
Eph 3:14-21(Chapter 6 - Power and Love)
Sun, Nov 22Ephesians Series,
sermon 8
Eph 4:1-16(Chapter 7 - Living our Calling)
Sun, Nov 29Ephesians Series,
sermon 9
Eph 4:17-5:2(Chapter 8 - Off with the Old, On with the New)
Sun, Dec 6Ephesians Series,
sermon 10
Eph 5:3-20(Chapter 9 - Walking in the Light)
Sun, Dec 13Ephesians Series,
sermon 11
Eph 5:21-6:9(Chapter 10 - New Relationships)
Sun, Dec 20Ephesians Series,
sermon 12
Eph 6:10-24(Chapter 11 - Dressed for the Battle)
Fri, Dec 25Christmas
Sun, Dec 27(topic pending)
Thu, Dec 31Watchnight

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