Shine Forth

We are Inclusive, welcoming everyone to worship God with us. All BRMC worship services are Trinitarian and Evangelical: Glorifying the Living God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit and focusing on God’s Mighty Acts to save us in Jesus Christ according to the Scriptures. Indeed, Christ has Died; Christ is Risen and Christ shall Come Again!

The Pastors of BRMC together with many volunteers, have the privilege of conducting 11 worship Services throughout the week with 9 taking place on Sundays.

The 10.30am Shine Forth Service at the ACS (BR) Concert Hall
A younger contemporary Service which impacts the community through worship and prayer, strong teaching of the Word and openness to the moving of the Holy Spirit, is held at the Concert Hall. Holy Communion is on the first Sunday of the month.

For more information on BRMC worship Services, please call the church (Tel: 6256 4298) on weekdays during office hours: 9am to 5.30pm, Wednesday 9am to 5pm, Saturday 9am to 1pm or contact BRMC Admin at See you soon in church!

Grace & Peace,

Rev Dr Chiu Ming Li
Barker Road Methodist Church

Our Song of the Month for November 2018

Jesus, I Come by Alarice, Ian Chew, & Jon Cho

Our Song of the Month for October 2018

More Than Enough  by Cindy Clementine, Andre Hermanto, Gianni Messah, Nina Sari Ishak, Sidney Mohede

Our Song of the Month for September 2018

O Church, Arise by Keith Getty & Stuart Townend

Our song of the month for August 2018

REWARD  by Josh Yeoh

Our song of the month for Jun 2018

Psalm 23, the Lord’s My Shepherd  by Ingrid DuMosch, Scott Challenberger & The London Fox Singers

Our song of the month for May 2018

Here I Bow  by Brian & Jenn Johnson

Our song of the month for Apr 2018

Hillsong’s For All You’ve Done

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