Date  Scripture Reference Sermon Title
Thu, Dec 31 WatchnightPsalm 103My Tribute
Sun, Jan 3Epiphany Sunday /
Vision Weekend
John 7.53-8.12Jesus, Our Light In The Darkness; A Lamp In Every Home- Part 1
Sun, Jan 10Baptism of the Lord / Vision WeekendJohn 7.53-8.12Jesus, Our Light In The Darkness; A Lamp In Every Home- Part 2
Sun, Jan 171 John Series1 John 1.1-41 John Series Session 1
True Fellowship: have you truly seen and heard?
Sun, Jan 241 John Series1 John 1.5-2.2 1 John Series Session 2
Can sinners like us walk in God's Light?
Sun, Jan 311 John Series1 John 2.3-2.11 1 John Series Session 3
Are we living in Him and in the light?
Sun, Feb 71 John Series1 John 2.12-2.27 1 John Series Session 4
Temptations and deceptions will come, how can we overcome?
Sun, Feb 141 John Series1 John 2.28-3.10 1 John Series Session 5
Who are the true children of God?
Sun, Feb 211 John Series1 John 3.11-3. 241 John Series Session 6
Do we bear the mark of true love?
Sun, Feb 281 John Series1 John 4.1-4.13 1 John Series Session 7
Living in God – in love and in the Spirit
Sun, Mar 71 John Series1 John 4.14-4.21 1 John Series Session 8
Loving an Unseen God
Sun, Mar 141 John Series1 John 5.1-5.13 1 John Series Session 9
Born to Overcome
Sun, Mar 211 John Series1 John 5.14-5.21 1 John Series Session 10
True Confidence as God’s children
Sun, Mar 28Palm SundayJohn 12.12-19Jesus & the Symbols of the New Kingdom
Thu, Apr 1Maundy ThursdayMat 26.31-35, 57-75Cocky Claims: Shaky Rock
Fri, Apr 2Good FridayGood Friday service - Jesus' Last Words
Sun, Apr 4Easter SundayJohn 20.1-18That You May Believe
Sun, Apr 11John 21:15-19Simon, son of John do you love me?
Ecclesiastes 3:1-11Eternity In Our Hearts
Sun, Apr 18Emotional Wellbeing in the Family #1 Psalm 8Well-being is being truly human (Part One)
Sun, Apr 25Emotional Wellbeing in the Family #2Well-being is being truly human (Part Two)
Sun, May 2Emotional Wellbeing in the Family #3Job 2:11-13 The role of the Church Family in well-being: a community of care-full attentiveness
Sun, May 9Emotional Wellbeing in the Family #4Psalm 88It is well with my soul
Sun, May 16Ascension Sunday / WSCS Weekend
Sun, May 23Pentecost Sunday / Aldersgate Weekend / BRMC Anniversary

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