Volunteers are blessed

Volunteers are blessed
Dementia afflicts different people differently. People with similar degrees of dementia can behave differently. Some may be anxious, upset, timid and frightened. Others may be over-confident, reassured, or even dismissive of care.

Care for persons with dementia is demanding on the caregiver. It must be individualised to meet the needs appropriate to the person with the condition.

Communication with a person with dementia is often difficult. Depending on the progress of their condition, they can be silent, repetitive, unreserved and unintentionally hurtful in their words and deeds.

The experience of caring for the person with dementia has been likened to the disciplines of spiritual formation.

God uses our interaction with them, to teach us active listening skills, to shape our hearts in Christ’s likeness, and grant us the experience of His grace even more.

Please pray with us for workers for this ministry. Please join us to be a blessing to the families whose loved ones have dementia.

To register, please contact Chang Chong Tian at 9880 9355 or chongtian.chang@brmc.org.sg