On the COVID-19 situation

With effect from 15 Jan 2021, BRMC will require worshippers to check-in to our premises using only the Trace Together (TT) app/token to ensure safe entry into our worship venues. Unlike other sectors, this measure is mandatory for our church as we plan to increase our onsite congregation size in Phase 3.

Please expect some delays during the screening process for attendees for the first few weeks as we implement this new measure.  

To minimize crowding at our screening stations and late entry into our worship venues:

  1. Please come to church early, so as to avoid the peak crowd prior to the start of the worship service.
  2. For those with the TraceTogether token, please proceed to the QR code scanner at church.
  3. Those with no token, please download and install the TraceTogether App on your phone. (See the links below to download the app).
    • Upon arrival, open up the TT App to scan the SafeEntry QR code (which can be scanned with the TT app only).
    • Using the TT App, you can check-in for your family as a group.  
    • Every family member (less children 6 years old and under) must still have their own TT App if they do not have a token.
  4. Please also remember to present your Church Center confirmation email for service registration. 

Click HERE for FAQs on TraceTogether only check-ins

Download TraceTogether on your mobile phone:

To remain connected to one another digitally during this period, we recommend using the following platforms to set up and host an online meeting with your small group, fellowship group or committee:

1. Zoom (click HERE for the user guide)

2. Skype (click HERE for the user guide)

In the meantime, all Pastors, Pastoral Team Staff, Admin and Support staff remain contactable via email or mobile phone. This is with the exception of urgent pastoral care or assistance that may require staff presence, with existing precautionary measures set in place.


You can stay in touch with us via Facebook and Telegram


For more information on the COVID-19 Situation –

• Ministry of Health updates HERE
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