Pastoral Team

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Which PTS member to contact?

MINISTRY PTS member––––––––– email address––––––––––––
Audio Visual Samuel Padolina
  Hillary Seng
Boys’ Brigade | ACS (Barker Road) | 12th Coy Darren Huang
Communications BRMC Comms Team
Christian Ministry Staff | ACS (BR) Darren Huang
  Maureen Teo
Christian Ministry Staff | ACS (P) Serene Liang
Church School | Children Darrell Lee
  Alfred Tan
Church School | Youth Iris Sin
  Stacey Tan
Creative Arts
Discipleship & Nurture James Ang
Emmaus Walk | Men’s Fellowship
Family Life Christina Khoo
Family Life | Singles Christina Khoo
Family Life | Elders Chang Chong Tian
Filipino Rev Egmedio B Equila Jr
  Hannah Lasco
Future Generation Network | Communications Denise Ho
Future Generation Network | Media and AV Kester Tan
Future Generation Network | Small Groups
Future Generation Network | Worship Jonadab Phua
Future Generation Network |
Christian Ministry Staff – ACS (Barker Road)
Maureen Teo
Future Generation Network | Young Adults
Girls’ Brigade | SCGS (Secondary) | 84th Coy Stacey Tan
Glowing Years Ministry (GYM) Sheila Dharmaratnam
Heart2Heart Mothers’ Fellowship
Indonesian Famajati Sastro
Kindergarten BRMC Kindergarten
Mandarin Stephen Tan
Media & Communications Tan Chong Yaw
Missions Terence Goh (IC)
Oasis at Bukit Batok Low Kee Hong (Head)
  Yvonne Lam
  Margaret Ho
  Anna Luu
  Angelina Seow
  Dave Ng
  Francis Siaw
Oldham Hall Kevin Ngan
  Ling Shan Shan
Outreach & Social Concerns Janet Lee
Pastoral Care Mathew Kwan
Prayer Iris Sin
Small Groups Renata Liew
  Charmaine Tang
Witness & Evangelism Charmaine Yeo
Worship Samuel Padolina
  Leong Chin Yee
WSCS | Women’s Society of Christian Service
Young Adults Iris Sin
  Lincoln Wee
Sunday 8.30am Sanctuary Service Charmaine Yeo
  Mathew Kwan
  Leong Chin Yee
Sunday 10.30am Sanctuary Service Mathew Kwan
  Charmaine Yeo
  Leong Chin Yee
Sunday 5pm Sanctuary Service Leong Chin Yee
  Mathew Kwan
  Charmaine Yeo
Upper Room Service Samuel Padolina
  Charmaine Tang
Shine Forth Service Jonadab Phua
Saturday 5pm Service Rev Lawrence Chua
Chinese Services Ps Stephen Tan
Filipino Service Rev Egmedio B Equila Jr
  Hannah Lasco
Indonesian Service Famajati Sastro
Services at Bukit Batok | Oasis
  Alfred Tan
  Charmaine Tang
  Leong Chin Yee
  Corinne Teo
  Iris Sin
  Kevin Ngan
  Low Kee Hong
  Mathew Kwan
  Renata Liew
  Sheila Dharmaratnam