Baptism & Membership Course

Our Baptism and Membership Course will be undergoing two phases of restructuring, with Phase 1 commencing in Oct 2020 until Apr 2021. We hope this will provide our candidates with a more enriching, well-grounded experience as they commit to journeying as Disciples of Christ and members of the BRMC family.

Class Schedules & Registration (2021)


Registration and class details coming soon



Registration and class details coming soon


Registration from 10 Jan to 7 Feb 2021: Click HERE


17 Feb 218pm @ SanctuaryAsh Wednesday Online Service (Commitment Service for all candidates)
27 Feb 212pm-4pmOnline Seminar (Session 1)
6 Mar 212pm-4pmOnline Seminar(Session 2)
13 Mar 212pm-4pmOnline Seminar (Session 3)
20 Mar 212pm-4pmOnline Seminar (Session 4)
29 Mar 21 - 1 Apr 21TBAHoly Week Devotions
2 Apr 21 (Good Friday)TBAPost-Good Friday Service group sharing
3 Apr 21 (Holy Saturday)TBABaptism Service
4 Apr 21 (Easter Sunday)TBAConfirmation and Reception into Membership at all services


Who can apply for BMC?

  1. Baptism: The applicant must have worshipped with BRMC for at least 6 months
  2. Infant/Child Baptism: At least one parent must be a member of BRMC and the candidate must be under 16 years of age
  3. Confirmation: The candidate must have been baptised as a child and must have worshipped with BRMC for at least 6 months
  4. Transfer: The candidate must have worshipped with BRMC for at least 6 months (prior to the Circuit Breaker) OR must have been an active part of a BRMC Small Group for at least 6 months. The candidate must also hold membership in another Christian church at the time of application. 

How do I sign up?
Registration can be done via the Church Center app or the online links in the respective sections of this page.

  • Transfer of Membership (End Sep 2020)
  • Infant / Child Baptism (Nov 2020)
  • Adult Baptism and Confirmation (Jan 2021)

The church video announcement will be made during the worship service once registrations for each category has opened.

When will the new format take effect?
This change takes effect from Oct 2020-Apr 2021 (Phase 1). Details on Phase 2 of restructuring will be announced thereafter.

How many times will the BMC be run annually?
As the new BMC format has been designed to align with the rhythm and calendar of the wider church, there is one intake for each class annually.

Is the format of conducting classes online permanent or only until further notice?
It will be online until further notice.

When will onsite classes resume?
Onsite classes will resume only when it is safe and prudent to do so.