Remote Holy Communion

From 7 March 2021, our church will be allowed to administer Holy Communion remotely. Click HERE for the full details.

Registration for Holy Communion elements is via CHURCH CENTER.

Please register for elements only if you are unable to attend service at the Sanctuary.

Those partaking remotely are to refer to the following Remote Holy Communion Participant’s Guide:

1. Who can partake in remote Holy Communion?
Holy Communion, whether at church or at home, is a celebration for all who confess their love, hope and trust in Jesus Christ. Those who are not of the Christian faith are asked to refrain from partaking in this sacrament and encouraged to find out more about who Jesus is and the significance of Holy Communion. These elements are meant to be partaken at your home during any of the BRMC live streamed services on the first Sunday of each month beginning 7 March 2021.

2. How to handle the elements?
The elements you received from church have been consecrated. Therefore, the consecrated bread (the Body of Christ) and consecrated wine (the Blood of Christ) should only be handled by members of the body of Christ (Christians) with care and reverence. For proper storage, the elements need to be kept in a cool, dry space, away from direct-sunlight. If you have collected elements for your family (not from the same household) and friends, please deliver it to them in person before the first Sunday of each month.

3. How to prepare for Holy Communion at home?
Before the service, a mature member of the household can be chosen to be the Communion Assistant. During the service, the Communion Assistant will serve the elements to those partaking of the meal. Place the elements on a raised, flat surface (e.g. table) and if available, place the elements on a tray or plate and cover the elements with a plain piece of white cloth or serviette.

4. What to do during the service?
During the ritual of Holy Communion (on the live stream), the Communion Assistant should fold the cloth (or serviette) neatly and place it aside. Remember not to place the elements on the floor. When prompted by the celebrant/pastor on the live stream (during the distribution in the sanctuary), the Communion Assistant should likewise distribute the elements to those gathered at your home for worship.

Do not open the packs and consume the elements until prompted by the celebrant/pastor on the live stream. We will consume the elements together (in the sanctuary and at home) as a body of Christ. After we have partaken of the elements, the remaining elements should be returned to the tray or plate and covered again with the cloth or serviette.

5. What to do with the unconsumed elements after the service?
Do not discard any elements that are not consumed during the service. After the service, the Communion Assistant should consume any remaining elements or pass them to others who have participated in the service to consume. Please do not keep the remaining elements for the next month. Please collect a fresh set of elements every month so that we can share in the same table together each month.