The BRMC Emmaus Walk (Ewalk) Men’s fellowship had its beginnings in January 2001 at Swiss Cottage.

The unique issues and demands upon men surrounding family, workplace relationships and church calls for a need for men to come together to mutually pray, encourage and challenge one other to be faithful witnesses in our spiritual journeys.

With the Word and Worship as core tenets in our ministry, we reach out to men through our weekly 6.30am meetings, annual retreats and e-boards. Ewalk seeks to experience God together, grow in Christ with our lives as stirring testaments to God’s abundant grace.

The EWalk meets to serve as an oasis of encouragement, a refuge for men in BRMC and beyond, with a vision to build a strong community of Christ-like men who will rise up to the challenge of God’s call to be godly men, loving husbands, compassionate fathers and truly “men after God’s own heart”.