Why Fast Devotions

Is fasting relevant for us in this day and age? In this 7-day plan, we will explore that question: Why Fast? 

We will read and consider the heart of the fast, the forming of a habit that is a spiritual discipline, a hunger for God, a humbling before God, a hope in God and a desperate hankering for Jesus our Saviour and for His return.   

If you have had that hunger and desire for God, download a copy and do it together as a community with others.

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These are the best days of our lives… Made better with the BRMC Young Adults Ministry! YAM, as we like to call ourselves, is the place to be for all young adults aged 19 and above. Through our small groups, annual New Year Party and YAM Retreat, we serve to raise followers of Jesus in a Christ-centred young adult community.

YAM’s mission is very simply:

To deepen our love for God and Man, and work out our faith through good works in this season of young adulthood.

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