A humbling takeaway

8 Oct 2022

By Rev Dr Daniel Koh

Once in a while, the Lord sends an uplifting lesson to enrich my life and inspire my soul. The lesson needs not come from academic books written by an established scholar or from some super spiritual “anointed” preachers. Priceless lessons can come from an ordinary person. Some of them most people may not even be bothered to take a look at.

Today was such a beautiful day when I received a priceless and humbling lesson.

The Prison Ministry volunteers from Barker Road Methodist Church (BRMC), together with staff from Salvation Army and ActiveSG organised an outing for children whose fathers/mothers are serving prison terms.

BRMC contributed drivers to pick up the children. We also promised we would provide two meals for the event, besides supplying volunteers to man the various game stations.

In the end we did not have to provide lunch. Two persons beat BRMC to it. They sponsored lunch for the children, their guardians and staff.

That gesture may not be anything special had the meal been paid for by someone earning reasonably good salaries. But the two persons who sponsored lunch were cleaners working with ActiveSG!

I mean, how much can a cleaner earn? You know, those people sweeping floors, clearing dirt, picking up rubbish – workers sometimes despised by others. Yet they paid for the meals!

I was humbled, very humbled by the generosity of the two cleaners. I am touched by the example they set teaching me how you do not need to be rich to care for the disadvantaged and share your blessings.

They did not publicise their good works. I wouldn’t have known about what they did had I not asked one of the organisers.

I am grateful for an invaluable lesson learned from two unexpected teachers – two lovely persons, a couple of unassuming cleaners.