New Sermon Series: Messianic Light in the Minor Prophets

As Advent approaches, we invite all to join us for the upcoming six-part sermon series, entitled “Messianic Light in the Minor Prophets”, from 18 November.

The series will begin two weeks before Advent through 24 December.

In line with the Advent season, this sermon series illumines how the Old Testament prophets, even the so-called “minor” ones, connect to the New Testament era inaugurated by Jesus, the Messiah.

For each sermon, a passage from the Minor Prophets will be paired with a passage from a New Testament text that cites, alludes, or refers to the theme of the Minor Prophet passage.

We hope this sermon series will help our church community to better: 

  • Understand the significance and relevance of the Minor Prophets within the canon of Scripture
  • Grasp how the Old and New Testaments connect and complement one another
  • Recognise the dual aspects of prophecy, i.e. forth-telling and fore-telling
  • Trust and follow our God who calls his people to repentance as well as to hope and faith

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