Sanctuary Repairs and Refurbishment

It’s been a month since we closed the Sanctuary to rectify deteriorating ceiling panels.  

With the closure, we are also looking at enhancing the building’s accessibility, seating capacity, acoustics, electrical safety, and to rectify the walkways and drainage systems. 

We have invited a number of architects to quote for their consultancy and design fees, and are in the process of forming a Design Selection Committee to assess and select the final design. A Quantity Surveyor will subsequently be appointed, followed by the establishment of a Working Committee to steer the project.  

The Construction company will be selected by Open Tender.  

This means it’s going to take several more months before actual work begins, and that the Sanctuary will be closed for the rest of this year.  

Let us seek the Lord’s favour for this project.

If He does not build the house, our labour will be in vain.  

Please continue to pray for the project team and for the successful and safe completion of our repair and refurbishment works – that the Lord’s hand would guide, protect and empower our decisions. 

(5 Feb 2024 Update)