Good news for siblings at Oasis

21 Feb 2022

14 years ago, a Singaporean man married a Vietnamese lady.  

Not owning a home and having no extended family support, the wife had to return to Vietnam with their two children.  

Subsequently, the mother passed away in Vietnam.  

The dad brought the children back, but their Long Term Visit Pass applications were repeatedly rejected. Being a handyman, he couldn’t afford private preparatory courses for them. 

Since 2020, the siblings received free lessons from the Oasis Learning Centre of Oasis BRMC Mission, learning English from scratch. Within 1.5 years, they completed the P1-P5 local school syllabus. In September 2021 they passed local school entrance exams.  

However, Student Passes were not granted.   

With the advocacy work of Mr Dinesh Dhillon from the Law Society’s Pro Bono Office, Student Passes were granted. The siblings started school last year. 

Watch this video to hear the siblings’ story of God’s work at Oasis. 



Can you help?

Oasis BRMC Mission in Bukit Batok runs a learning centre that reaches out to migrant children of foreign mothers married to Singaporean men.  

Besides providing free tuition to these children, Oasis also advocates on behalf of these families with the authorities. 

Oasis is constantly looking for people who can serve in their various ministries.

Please get in touch if you can help in the following ministry areas:

  • Tuition befriending
  • Teaching (primary/secondary school curriculum)
  • Praise Kidz
  • Pro bono legal help
  • GP and dental care
  • Grocery support befriending