(CE’23) Sermon Series: That Your Soul May Prosper

Presented as part of the Connect Experience 2023 (CE’23), the upcoming sermon series will explore some of John Wesley’s most important messages that Methodists must hear anew for today.

These include:

Who really is a Christian?

Can someone lose his salvation and end up in hell, and what is hell anyway?

Is “going to heaven” the reason why we try to be good Christians?

Addressing the above questions and more, the eight-week series means to bring all listeners to the wells of an abundant life (John 10:10) so “That Your Soul May Prosper“.

“That Your Soul May Prosper” pulpit schedule:

1-2 Jul  – “The Important Question” (Matt 16:26)
8-9 Jul  – “Witness of the Spirit” (Rom 8:16)
15-16 Jul  – “On Predestination” (Rom 8:29-30)
22-23 Jul – “Of Hell” (Mk 9:48)
29-30 Jul  – “The Good Steward” (Luk 16:2)
5-6 Aug  – “On Working Out Our Own Salvation” (Phil 2:12-13)
12-13 Aug – “Almost Christian” (Acts 26:28)
19-20 Aug – “Christian Perfection” (Phil 3:12)

About the Connect Experience 2023 (CE’23)

CE’23 is an eight-week experiential exercise that helps us to connect with God and one another for the sake of the world.

Participants will meet weekly between 1 Jul and 20 Aug in either newly-formed CE’23 Experience Groups, or in their current Connect Groups. You will be following the sermon series while re-discovering the Wesleyan way of being God’s community.

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