Enter in to transformational fellowship

BRMC invites everyone to embark on Connect Experience (CE’23),  and discover transformational community life through connect groups.

CE’23 is for everyone, whether you belong to a Connect Group or not.

It’s based on the 4As of Connect – Authority of God’s Word, Authenticity, Accountability and Acts of the Holy Spirit – as explained in this video.


Next Steps

Sign up to discover transformation by God’s grace through a CE’23 Experience Group.


CE’23 challenges you to meet weekly, and go deeper, by joining the church family on this 8-week journey.

When you register, you would be asked to indicate if you are joining as a Connect Group, OR, you would like to join a new CE’23 Experience Group.



CE’23 will run over eight weeks from 1 July to 20 August alongside a complementary sermon series on Wesley’s Sermons at the pulpit.

Registration for CE’23 will open from 22 April to 18 June. 

CE’23 is not a course.

It’s an eight-week exercise in focussing on what God’s Word means to us personally and how we believe God wants us to apply His Word, encouraging each other to do so in community.

If you’re seeking a small group to do Bible study, please refer to our EQUIP opportunities in the first instance.



Sunday Experience Groups will meet after 0830 and 1030 services at ACS Canteen. (Refreshments and lunch will be provided respectively.)

Monday and Tuesday Experience Groups are also available, with an option for Zoom if necessary.

Current Connect Groups will arrange your own timings.


There’s a small fee, depending on which session timings you sign up for.

The payment covers refreshments or lunch, a CE’23 Connect journal containing daily Bible readings linked to weekly sermons, pages for personal reflection, and transformation-focused guides based on the 4As of Biblical Koinonia.

You will be assigned based on factors such as age profile, gender, familiarity, services, and more. We are open to receiving groups that have been formed by themselves or individuals’ requests to be put in the same group as their friends. The committee will try its best to accommodate, subject to church priorities.

When CE’23 is over, we will encourage Experience Groups to continue meeting under guidance for another three to six months and eventually become Connect Groups.