Connect Experience 2023 (CE’23) countdown

CE’23 40-Day Daily Devotions will begin on Wed, 28 Jun.

They will be posted to the BRMC Facebook Page and Telegram channel every night. Do subscribe to our channels if you haven’t already done so.

The daily posts are meant to complement the CE’23 Journal that our Experience Group and Connect Group participants will be using in the 8-week CE’23 journey.

Participants: Please collect your journals by Sunday, 25 Jun. If you attend the weekend 5pm services, please follow collection instructions in your email inbox.

Are you joining us in this season of the Christian marathon?

“If you want to go the distance in your relationship with Jesus, don’t run the marathon alone….

You don’t need 100 people with you. You don’t even need 10. You just need three or four people running with you, supporting you in all God wants to do through your life….

That’s why you need to be in a small group.”

(Timely quotes from the 21 Jun reading in “Open Doors: A Year of Daily Devotions” by Rick Warren.

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