Enter in to the new Connect Experience 2023

Barker Road Methodist Church is going back to basics.

We are inviting everyone to enter in to Connect Experience 2023 (CE’23) and rediscover the Wesleyan way of being God’s community and experience the joy and truth of the Christian life that’s transformational through the power of the Holy Spirit.

“I believe He has already started the renewal of our church,” says Rev. Lai Kai Ming, the pastor leading in CE’23. “And He is preparing us for greater things to come. “The first step is to re-discover what being a Christian and a Church is really about.”

The CE’23 journey will start on 22 April with a 3-week sermon series on what it means to be in koinonia, or fellowship, apart from congregating on Sundays. It will examine the “4As” underlying Christian love for one another:

  1. Authority of God’s Word: We are called to be doers of the word, not just hearers.
  2. Authenticity in relationships: How real and honest are we with each other?
  3. Accountability for Good Works: We are commanded to watch over one another in love.
  4. Acts of the Holy Spirit: The Spirit helps us connect with God and one another for the sake of the world.


Based on the 4As, the CE’23 journey continues in July-August with an eight-week guided experiential exercise in connecting with God and one another for the sake of the world.

Registration for CE’23 will open from 22 April to 17 June.

You can take part in CE’23 in the following ways:

  • Join us in examining the 4As of Biblical Koinonia over 3 weekend services from 22 April to 7 May 2023
  • If you are not part of a connect group, sign up to an Experience Group when registration opens
  • If you are part of a connect group, join us as our church family rediscover, exercise and experience transformational community life