LECTIO* – BRMC’s Bible Reading Journey

As Connect Experience 2023 (CE’23) concludes and we now enter a season of open topic sermons, we also shift gears with lēctiō, BRMC’s Bible Reading Journey.  

To help every BRMC member grow and submit under the Authority of God’s Word (the first of the 4As of Biblical Koinonia), we provide a daily Bible reading plan based on the pulpit calendar. 

The readings will be posted every morning on our Telegram and Facebook channels from 23 Aug 2023, following the end of the 40-day CE’23 Daily Devotions. 

The Rhythm 

Whenever there’s a sermon series, each week’s readings typically begin on a Wednesday to help us prepare for the coming Sunday’s sermon. Another two readings on Monday and Tuesday give opportunity to reflect on the message just preached. We encourage the use of the 4Rs (Read, Reflect, Relate, Rest) as a guide for our daily encounter with God’s word. This is no reading on Saturday; instead, we encourage “Examen” – a time of prayer that helps us to reflect on the week that has just passed and commit to God the new week.  

Preparing for Advent

From now till mid-November, we will read through the entire Gospel according to John. John is the most evangelistic of the Four Gospels, challenging us to consider who Jesus really is and how we will respond to him.

The choice of John’s gospel for Lectio is to prepare us for Advent, and not because we will be preaching from that book.

Lectio Bible readings will be synced with sermons from mid-November, for our series on Messianic Light in the Minor Prophets.

May our souls prosper as we read God’s Word together!


 *Lectio is a Latin word which means “a reading”, or  “a selection”.  Lectio divina (divine reading)  is the spiritual exercise of Bible reading, which focuses on meditating on a portion of Scripture (daily bread) as an encounter with the God who prospers our souls.